SciClone Local Manual



Login to a node via PBS or TORQUE.


qlogin [-q queue] [-t minutes] nodespec


qlogin is a simplified interface for initiating interactive logins to nodes which are managed by the PBS or TORQUE batch systems. It invokes qsub with the -I option and the requested node specification and time limit. Jobs initiated by qlogin are subject to the same scheduling policies and resource limits as any other batch job. In particular, if the requested resource is not immediately available, qlogin will stall until the job gets scheduled.

Assuming that X11 Forwarding is enabled on the user's SSH connection to SciClone, qlogin will configure the DISPLAY environment variable in the interactive shell on the compute node to route X11 graphics through the login server and back to the user's desktop. This is useful for running applications with graphical user interfaces (e.g., MATLAB) on compute nodes within the cluster.


-q queue
Run the job in the specified PBS or TORQUE queue. Needed only in special circumstances.
-t minutes
Maximum elapsed time limit for the interactive session, in minutes. The default is 15.
Any node specification which is a valid argument for the "-l nodes=" option of qsub may be used. Typically, nodespec will simply be a node name (e.g., "nws02") or a node type (e.g., "c8").


qlogin tp01
qlogin -t 60 c8:ppn=2
qlogin -q special 1:c9a:ppn=4
qlogin 8:c8:ppn=2+4:c9:ppn=4

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